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BM Linx


BM linx's Official Page

It's not easy to carve out a niche for yourself and attract a loyal following in the ever-crowded music scene of New York City. Less than a year after formation, that's exactly what BM LINX has managed to do with their infectious style of beat-driven electro rock.

The idea for the group, started by Tony Diodore and Jonathan Murray in 2005, was to create a band that would combine the downtown nightclub life with the musicianship and edge of a live performing rock band. The album would be produced on a minimal budget and with just a few parts but with years of experience performing on the stages of New York City. Within the confines of this vision, a homegrown and realistic sound could emerge, with a message that goes beyond the usual lap dance party tracks most DJs drop.

Rounding out the band with the addition of Andrew Griffiths, BM LINX began rehearsing an EP's worth of material, gradually perfecting their high-energy live show. At the same time, a few early recordings with limited circulation were met with amazing response. While the anthemic "The Guest List" played well to fellow NYC club kids, "Understanding Orange" caught the attention of up and coming DJ/producer Samio, whose remix of the song found its way into the sets of superstar DJs such as Deep Dish and Ti..sto during the 2006 Winter Music Conference in South Beach.

The recently self-released debut album, "The Portable Genius", reveals just how far the group has come in so little time. From "American Royalty" to "Freezing", the record showcases BM LINX's rare ability to balance upbeat and melancholy themes with acoustic and electronic elements for an all-encompassing approach to producing truly electronic rock 'n roll. Along with 10 original titles, the cover of Sonic Youth's "100%" and bonus remixes of "Understanding Orange", "The Portable Genius" honorably showcases the current state of DIY production.

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