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Guajiro on Myspace

Güajiro (pronounced, 'Wha-hee-roh') are a Miami, Florida based Spanglish punk band, comprised of members Jorge Gonzalez Graupera (bass, backing vocals), William Lopez (guitar, lead vocals), Douglas Mackinnon (drums, percussion) and David Santos (guitar). The band was formed by Lopez and Mackinnon in early 2005 as a hobby after spending years away from the music scene (Mackinnon played in the Vandals and Slapshot. Lopez was the singer of Friction Wheel). Their shared love of bands such as Husker Du, Black Flag and the Clash brought them together in an attempt to recapture the excitement and artistic intergrity they felt was lacking in the music industry. By mid 2005 a self-titled ep was recorded and released by California label Long Beach Records. Soon after they recruited bass player/singer Jorge Gonzalez (Jorges, Volumen Cero, The Brand) and later, guitar player David Santos. In May 2006 they recorded "Material Subversivo", their first full-length album with noted producer Darian Rundall (Pennywise, Yellowcard, Suicidal Tendencies). Through touring, self promotion and persevarence the band attracted local and national attention which led to highly coveted opening slots with Rancid and Flogging Molly. As a result, labels came calling and the band signed with I Scream Records in early 2007 which led to the release of "Material Subversivo" in May 2007. Shortly after that in June, the band was invited by MTVtres to participate in a reality TV show called "Rally MTV" which followed five bands racing across South America. Guajiro was the US representative.

Elegido el para participar en el MTV show "Rally MTV", y presentaciones con los grandes de la música punk rock como Rancid y Flogging Molly, Guajiro continua su trayectoria exitosa a través ambos mundos del rock anglo y sus raíces latinas. El grupo con su inimitable "rock en espanglish" grabo su primer disco con el conocido productor de Punk, Darrian Rundall, cuyos créditos incluye Pennywise, Suicidal Tendencies, Yellowcard, Veruca Salt y muchos mas. En el nuevo disco "Material Subversivo" (el titulo apropiado de un oficial Cubano que negó la entrada de el primero disco a la Isla de Cuba y lo declaró "material subversivo"), Guajiro continua la exploración de temas pertinentes a su experiencia bilingual en los Estados Unidos. El disco refleja la dualidad ideológica e musical de la banda, que consiste de miembros Cubanos, Bajista-cantante Jorge González-Graupera y guitarrista-cantante Will Lopez, guitarrista Puerto Riqueño David Santos y baterista Irlandés Douglas Mackinnon. Con músicos invitados tan diverso como el trecero Julio Martínez (Albita, Compay Segundo) y el bajista Randy Bradburry (Pennywise), el disco es un puente musical entre las culturas Estado Uniense y Latina America.

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