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Object @ Myspace

Object "resurrects the brain-dead" with more than a few jarring songs wrought with pure emotional violence expressed in the form of an equation that balances only two members. From Brooklyn, with love, the duo possesses a kind of innocent demure that is only shattered by the deafening blow of their post grunge anthems. Above all else, Object have pushed their way into the collective consciousness and sit there on the merit of their music. Finely crafted hard rock that recalls the likes of Failure, Fugazi, Foo Fighters, Jeff Buckley and Nirvana, with a raucous live show that flaunts fearless semi-demented yet thoughtful tunes and a mess of beautiful noise that could make your head explode. Object wants you to open your eyes to the possibilities.

Eric and Maria met at New York University where they bonded over sympathetic vibrations and earth tones. Within the confines of this institution, they jammed late into the night, provoking school security and ultimately getting kicked out of the building by uniformed agents wielding nightsticks on a regular basis. Finally able to snag some time in the music technology department's finest multi-track studio, E and M were able to document these initial compositions on several DAT tapes, piles of session files and various poems. Soon the duo found themselves with a name, an "Indie" recording full of phase problems, and a mutual fascination with their emerging 'rock band.'

Object's first public performance took place on a scorching Brooklyn rooftop, July 4, 2002. Hastily, they recruited a wily bass player and only two weeks later cut their first 4-song demo in a tiny studio on Broadway. The demo scored them gigs at clubs all over Manhattan and Brooklyn where they elicited an immediate positive response. They committed the next two years to carving out their sound and trying to find a unique voice among the endless sea of NYC clone bands.

Two bass players, one well-received EP and a spot on Skratch Magazine's sampler CD later, they find themselves back where they began - as a duo. And as a twosome, their most natural state, the songs have begun to gush like wine from their hearts and minds. At Williamsburg's Headgear Recording, Object has recorded their latest EP, a five-song barrage of aggressive and sincere moments collectively titled, "The Mirror World."

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