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Say When made its reputation as one of the hardest-working rock bands in Boston, and now, after months of nonstop national touring, they're earning a new reputation as one of the hardest working rock bands in the country. The band's determined , do-it-yourself attitude has led to sold-out shows all over New England, a self-funded, self-booked tour of the United States, opening slots for major national acts such as Yellowcard and Sugarcult, an invitation to perform alongside the biggest bands in modern rock at New Jersey's Bamboozle festival.

Say When's efforts have all been in support of its most recent record, "I'm With the Band," an 11-song collection of bright, explosively energetic rock. Borrowing the pop-rock sensibilities of Weezer and Jimmy Eat World and the rough, raw power of the Foo Fighters, Say When songs have an infectious optimism that appeals to a broad range of fans.

"I'm With the Band" is a triumphant collaboration between Say When and Kato Khandwala, a rising-star producer with gold and platinum credentials: Hawthorne Heights, Breaking Benjamin and Paramore among others. Khandwala worked closely with Say When to tailor the record's sound and feel: Singer Maxwell Latif holds nothing back and delivers his lyrics with grit and intensity; guitarists John Zaremba and Zack Starikov team up for a sonic, double-guitar ensemble, anchored by the driving, precise rhythm section of bassist Mike Marvuglio and drummer Mark McCarthy.

Say When has enjoyed great success in 2007. "I'm With The Band" has received regular-rotation airplay from Boston radio stations WBCN, WAAF and KISS 108, in addition to smaller radio stations across New England. WBCN has recognized the single "The Fall" as the top local song of the week on several occasions, and the band was invited to perform it on Boston's FOX 25 morning news.

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