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As its name implies, Spiraling has never been a band that's comfortable sitting still. The band's restless passion and energy infused every track on its adventurous debut, Transmitter, and came across with even more fire and purpose on its spirited follow up, Challenging Stage. On the strength of these recordings, as well as an ambitious touring schedule that has brought it from New York to L.A. to Tokyo, Spiraling has developed a devoted worldwide following. Known for its captivating live show, Spiraling continues to hook both critics and fans with a distinctive brand of synth-driven rock that fuses infectious pop hookery with punk-rock fire, new-wave finesse, and prog-rock precision.

At the center of things is frontman Tom Brislin, a keyboard prodigy whose instrumental acrobatics had previously won him a spot touring with legendary supergroup Yes. On stage, he attacks his keyboards with a fervor reminiscent of the way Pete Townshend used to attack guitars (he stops short of smashing them, though). And like Townshend, he's developed a reputation as a sophisticated and thoughtful composer who is able to make the most of an explosive rhythm section; the passionate musicianship of guitarist Marty O'Kane, bassist Bob Hart, and drummer Paul Wells lends an electric sonic intensity to Brislin's heartfelt lyrics and melodies. But the comparisons and verbalizations have to stop there, because Spiraling's is a sound that defies comparison and easy categorization. Just listen...

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