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ERZA fear of a faceless god is a full feature film enveloped by the euphonic experience from the band with the the same name, erza. The band's debut album FEAR OF A FACELESS GOD, serves as the score for the entirety of the film.

Davin Cortes searches for the truth behind his father’s bizarre past, from New York’s unsuspecting Long Island community to a dark decrepit hospital in Hungary. He unveils a debauched world of perverse bliss and sexual terror depicted in horrid videos found in the archives of his father’s hidden lair .

He gathers the possibility that his father may have been a Long Island serial killer, with a trail of death never discovered or connected by anyone before. Davin feverishly consumes himself with the sole task of revealing aspects of his father’s life ominously submersed in the bloodletting of an unbeknownst cultic network of serial killers. He travels to Debrecen, Hungary where his father had associated with an institutionalized disturbed quasi-vampire named Lisa. The Hospital director Dr. Verenicoff allows and closely monitors Davin’s meetings and interviews with Lisa.

Davin finds that the mystery of his father’s past is vividly detailed behind the lips of this hard hearted young girl, a sociopath vampiric vixen nicknamed Erza. A web of manipulation ensues. She goats him into her psyche while simultaneously haunting his sensibilities with taunts of her wretched vice for blood and butchery.

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