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Half Circle Drive

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Melodic and powerful are just a few words that describe the music of Half Circle Drive. One of Long Island, New York's premier bands. Arriving on the music scene in 2001, Half Circle Drive was founded by lead singer Ed Spahn and lead guitarist Dave Colon. Having worked with original music acts for years within a Long Island environment that seemed to spotlight cover bands, Ed and Dave wrote and recorded their own music for years before meeting. After bumping into each other several times, they finally took the hint from fate and decided to collaborate on their music. The result, heartfelt songs that were both powerful and melodic. The latest lineup of the band features the return of original guitarist Craig Siegelbaum(Supergenius),drummer Bobby Reigger(Live After Death),and bassist Chris De Dona(Soundside). The full length CD "Freezing" is now available on iTunes.

The self titled EP was released in May 2005 and features Jason Camiolo (Fuzzbubble) on drums,Bobby Meade on guitar,and Frank Gagliardi (Halfmanwonder) on bass. These members also appear on the new CD "Freezing".

Since their arrival on the local scene, their music has been critically acclaimed by local radio stations and reviewers such as WLIR radio, Longislandmusicscene.com and college radio stations such as WRHU (Hofstra University Radio). Quickly creating a local buzz around the band, Half Circle Drive is driving rapidly toward their goal. As Tim Connolly of longislandmusicscene.com puts it " You don't really have to be a genius to know that this band is destined for great things". Listen to the music and see what all the buzz is about.

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