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Misty Boyce


Misty on Myspace

To learn to listen to others may be a skill, but to tune into your own inner voice, find the courage to follow it relentlessly and then convey that journey honestly to others is nothing short of an art. Twenty-four year old Misty Boyce is doing just that. "You've got all the things that make me weak, the wandering eye, the double speak, the things that keep me on my feet," sings Boyce in the song Trouble, before half-tempting, half-warning, "stay away from me, I'll bring you down." Combining provocative, often clever, lyrics with her soulful vocals and vibrant piano playing, Boyce's music is at once poignant and playful.

While Boyce's songwriting process has been evolving from waiting for inspiration to strike into a more concerted discipline, the magic in bringing a song to life remains. "I think there is something otherworldly about writing. A line or a melody will come out and later I'll read it or hear it and think 'this is healing me and I wrote it.' Sometimes, I feel like I don't have anything to say, but I'll still write just because I feel connected to something bigger when I am in the process." Similarly, it is this connection that drives Boyce's live performances, whether solo or with her band, which includes Matt Basile (bass), Jamie Alegre (drums), and David Baldwin (guitar). She explains, "I love playing music and I love writing, so being able to physically present my songs to people in a meaningful and competent way is really satisfying. And, the audience having a reaction or connection to a song through the way I perform it is intoxicating and fulfilling." Boyce and her band, whose collective sound she compares to "Regina Spektor meets Patti Smith" are currently working on an EP that will be recorded in July 2008 and released in the early Fall.

In addition to focusing on her own music, Misty Boyce has accompanied Tim Williams on tour and at performances at SXSW and Sundance. Boyce is also the keyboardist for the Naked Brothers and has appeared on The View and the Today Show.

When musing about the future, Boyce has a distinct plan in mind. "I want to be making music that I feel good about that hopefully other people can connect to in a real way and performing shows that knock people's socks off. . . that is what I want to be doing in five years." And, indeed, she seems to be well on her way.

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