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Not Now Right Now

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Not Now Right Now take the stage with the subtlety of a pipe bomb.

Songs explode from part to part with dizzying texture, the breakneck changes whipping around Anupum Mehrota’s lyrical acrobatics in a blur of sweat, hair, and righteous rage.

There is palpable danger; it’s like catching a wanted political dissident haranguing the mob with a megaphone. He’s calling out our society’s unbridled avarice, its duplicitous leaders, and a media that submits itself to power over truth; blowing Chomsky and Foucault like Coltrane did Favorite Things. The band affirms these jackhammer words with jagged power chords and fits of anarchic drumming.

You get the feeling this sonic tornado could spill off the stage at any moment. While the vocal attack calls to mind a drum solo, the physicality of Apurva's guitar playing generates sounds and rhythms no one else can conjure. David wields the bass like a lead guitar, providing the perfect counterpoint to Apurva's manic strumming. And it's been said that no producer today would allow Keith Moon to do his thing, but Andy's take-no-prisoners drumming aims to prove that wrong.

The music is fresh; you know you haven't heard this before. It’s punk for the hip hop generation, political poetry for the genuinely outraged, funk for meth-eatin’ bikers.

Now the song builds to an enormous chorus. The shout-along anthems slam the air like a thousand fists at a protest rally. This is a challenge. Stop. Recognize the soft-sell atrocities that are being carried out in your name. Start digging for truth and refuse to look the other way. Stop reflexively trusting what those in power have to say. Stand up and make yourself heard. Not now, right now.

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