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We're shy and humble and we refuse to refer to ourselves in the third person so why not let other people tell you about us. Here ya go-

El Jezel is a three-piece from Queens and they happen to be that rare breed of band who can treat you to a rollicking good time for three songs in a row only to entrance you with an ode to spaghetti westerns the next. Or, the other way around. Sometimes they pull off mindbending genre shifts like this mid-song. They'll go from shoegaze inspired glide to post-rock jam, and back again, leaving you going "hm, wow, what the...I like it!" Then, just when your senses are telling you "more, give more El Jezel" they pull out a cover song and end with "Michigan".

El Jezel put on a great set. They impress me even more each time I see them. I think the thing that really impresses me about the band is their presence. They genuinely look like they want to be up on stage. They want to be playing their songs for anyone who will listen. They have fun. And because of that, I have fun each time.

George, Jess, and Dan are three incredibly talented and almost impossibly sweet people, and the music they make shows it. Though they've got the wistful shoegaziness down like nobody's business, they can rock it like you wouldn't
believe in an instant.

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