the Swedes


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Vocals from heaven.
Guitars from hell.
Keys from outerspace.
Rhythms from Uranus.

"The Swedes rip a page from the Darkness’s glam-revival book, adding fun disco squiggles and chant-along whoo!s to their stadium rock pomposity." --Time Out New York "The album's memorable melodies and sweeping harmonies mesh with Jon Gray's honest and provocative lyrics to produce one of the most original rock records that I've heard in a long time... The band does a great job by pulling off the quirky pop genre better than most, successfully blending Shin's style pop with classic guitar riffs and hooks. Photolab 9000 is a hard-hitting and catchy indie pop rock album, with inspiration that's drawn from early 80's clean-cut new wave. If you like Squeeze, XTC, or Dogs Die in Hot Cars, you'll love these guys. This album is highly recommended for those of you looking for that perfect indie album to polish off your collection."
--Kristen Luczak, The Beacon

"...The trick for any band is to transcend the weight of its influences while operating in a similar aesthetic. The Swedes are a band with impeccable and distinctive taste. The Swedes combine and refine the music they enjoy to great effect on their debut offering, “Photolab 9000.” The extent to which the music succeeds is based both on their ability to tap into the feel of their heroes and ignore the impulse to wholesale plunder from the past."
--Ed Gross, The Deli Magazine

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