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Semi Precious Weapons

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Semi Precious Weapons Homepage

We love playing music in front of excited people. We love rockNroll. We love ourselves, and that's a good thing. We live in Greenpoint Brooklyn NYC and sometimes we love it .

"I've been magnetic since I was a baby!"

All of us have been playing music since we were mere youths. We have played many-a-style and with many-a-band, but when the four of us started playing garage glam rockNroll together is when shit got for real.

"Sometimes you go to sleep in your makeup!"

Justin wears makeup and high heels because he likes to. Cole, Dan and Stevy don't. It's all gonna be ok.

"RockNRoll Never Looked So Beautiful"

People call us a glam band because of our Hollywood good looks and Justin's ---- style, but really we just play good ol' rockNroll. Howeves, we like to help people out by giving it the title "Garage Glam". Cute right?

"I can't pay my rent but I'm f-cking gorgeous!"

Our mission is to bring fun, glamour, sex, filth and the party back to music. And we take that very seriously. We miss rent, collect cans, and sleep on couches all over the world just to bring you roughNroll-glamour-fun-times.

"It's not my fault I look better in her party dress!"

Tommy and Roy Couture make and/or style our clothes. Jenny Brown is the mind and hands behind Justin's face. Justin HYTE directed our red/yellow SPW video. Platinum Ann is our full-time muse.

"Sometimes I cry because it makes my eyes look bluer..."

Justin loves Andy Warhol and AC/DC...

Stevy loves Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure and Stan Brakhage

Cole loves Belladonna and Biggie...

Dan loves Shudder To Think and Hemingway

"This is how I-I-I made me!"

Yes the fabulous Kate Moss came to see us play in London. Thank you Kate. Yes the brilliant Tony Visconti Executive Produced our record and said "I have been waiting for this band for 20 years!". Thank you Tony. Yes the powerful Perez Hilton thinks we are "The Next Big Thing". Thank you Perez. Yes the genius music mogul Alan McGee said "SPW is the most important band in America!". Thank you Alan. Yes we are name dropping. Thank you name dropping.

"We Love You, still."

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