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The name 'Brobecks' is an homage to the unpopular. Growing up, there was a particular student at school (Lets call him/her 'X' Brobeck.) who, every morning was called to the administrative office over the loudspeakers. Never mind the reason, but this went on for years. For all anyone knew this person didn't even exist. That was a romantic idea to me, and to a degree I had always identified with that. An anonymous person being in a crowd, but not really a part of it.

A 'Brobeck'.

The Brobecks began with Myself, and two old school friends (Matt and Scott). Most people don't know that. From the beginning it has been the platform for my little songs. And in that regard I suppose it always will be. I'll spare you the detailed history of my tiny little rock and roll outfit.

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