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THE GRIP WEEDS: A powerhouse pop-psyche band extraordinaire who write insanely gripping melodic nuggets- a gorgeous alchemy of the 60's and 70's brought into the 21st century, with ripping guitars, powerful drumming, and golden harmonies.

“Sparkling, insanely catchy psyche-pop”: The Grip Weeds are a critically-acclaimed psychedelic/garage/ powerpop quartet consisting of brothers Kurt and Rick Reil (on drums and guitar respectively), Kristin Pinell (guitar) and Michael Kelly (bass). Together, the Grip Weeds take elements like the harmonic purity and psychedelic spirit of ‘60s rock and the visceral power of early ‘70s classics into the modern era. Surrounded by their vintage equipment, this talented four-piece band records slices of perfect, radio-friendly guitar-pop- Psychedelic enough to appeal to record junkies and Sixties-retro fans, but edgy enough to fit seamlessly into a modern rock set.

Brothers Rick and Kurt Reil grew up playing music together in Central New Jersey and their strong musical and familial bond ultimately gave birth to The Grip Weeds. Both share singing and songwriting duties and their close-knit harmony vocals recall those of the Everly Brothers or The Byrds. Besides being a capable singer, Kurt’s explosive drumming resembles that of a young and sober Keith Moon, while Rick alternates between crashing power chords and delicate 12-string riffs. Female lead guitarist Kristin Pinell proves that a woman can rock as intensely as anyone; her epic melodic leads draw inspiration from the likes of Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Brian May and George Harrison. Rounding out the foursome is super musician Michael Kelly, whose bass lines run from lyrical to thunderous.

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